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May 21, 2008


John Watne

Hmmm...wonder what Mark Baurlein would make of this blog post revering all forms of the "distracting media" that you have come to embrace, Mr. Sax? Thing is, I'm even younger than you and even I sometimes tend to *gasp* embrace the feeling of paper in my hand; the idea of a permanent place to come to work rather than "anywhere." Am I out of it, or simply not with "the times" which apparently ought to be "my times." Not that all of this new technology is bad (I think Baurlein makes some good points and some horribly bad points), but perhaps it's not being utilized by all people the right way. I think you and Jeff are using the internet brilliantly with the website, but at the same time it might be because of your experience working with the "old league" models of real estate and blending it with the "new style" of web integration. Alright, I'm getting awfully close to the point at which my bluster far exceeds my own experience, so I'll shut up now. Any thoughts?

G. Sax

Mr. Watne raises a great point and he made me look up Mark Bauerlein, which is awesome, because blogs are supposed to encourage further discourse. It's interesting stuff, and I dig that he doesn't just blindly embrace that which is technologically new without proper debate. And I agree with him on some of the issues at hand. I'm about as skeptical of gee-whiz new technology as I am of academics. I've worked for at least two bosses that drooled over everything Mac without really explaining to me why I should embrace Mac as part of my day-to-day business, especially considering the expense. I'm still waiting for that explanation. Don't get me wrong, I think Mac is creative and future-thinking and on the right track most of the time, but Mac is not infallible. There is an annoying tendency for people to embrace everything new and to claim that this is how it is going to be without further testing. But some things seem so obviously beyond fad and more toward shifting societal norm. From little things like changing the TV channel with a knob or trying to find the third song on a cassette tape, to big things like air travel and the Internet. Unless you're John Madden, you will eventually be taken out of the dialogue of the future if you do not understand that these things are here to stay. The primary point of my bloggish ramble was not to lambast LD4 or to put printers out of business or to replace social gatherings with social networks. It was more to say that we could all stand to be more aware of our potential. We are all more powerful than we realize.

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