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December 03, 2008


Marc Davison

Let's amaze them together!
Great Post
Marc "500watt" Davison

Aaron Petty

Funny Greg I hit your RSS tab after posting a comment on the 1000 Watt "Trouble with Twitter" post. So neither blogs nor Twitter are weak in my mind. What is weak is thinking "Information is our commodity". Shouldn’t that have died with the controlled distribution of the printed MLS books? What is weak in my mind is the focus of a broker on the agent and not the end user. What is weak in my mind is continuing the practices of leveraging listings to create leads. What is weak in my mind is replicating the same data in a myriad of opaque seas for our clients to navigate in. We need to finally kill the old gate keeping business model. We need to finally kill the old gate keeping business model and truly serve. I see a shift toward the service industry specializing in consultation and project management. Because how am I going to market any differently then the next brokerage… really, truly, differently? I’m not! I’m just leveraging more of the most effective tools of today. I am on top of the tools of today and there effectiveness. I watch the horizon. Bring the results you client contract and that will be your prospecting. Business will come to you… In light of hyper access to market data what am I leveraging? How much more or less relevant is sphere of influence in a hyper connected world? What is it that I should be influencing? What will grow, what will wither, and what will morph…?

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